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Mortgage Choice Inc is a fully licensed Mortgage Broker offering financial solutions to most Mortgage financing situations. Built upon the basic tenet that people have a choice, Mortgage Choice Inc has built the approach our staff uses to help counsel, discuss and structure mortgage financing that is the best for each of our clients.

"The mortgage application was easy, we sent all the required documentation via email, and never asked to provide additional documents. The process was explained well, every question was answered quickly and professionally, and the closing took place on time. David is a pleasure to work with."


Mortgage Insights:
For as long as I can remember, I have memories of my parents, relatives, Grandparents… all talking of the day when their home is/was paid for. We were, for a long time, too focused on having a home that was paid for. I remember the day my parents had their “loan papers burning party”. Those were the good old days.

In today’s times, most people have some type of investments: College funds, Retirement funds, personal investments. Maybe you have a rental home or a vacation house. Why is it seemingly so easy to look at your 401k or the investment property you have and focus on their value as an investment? But we see our primary home as something different? Yes our primary residence becomes a HOME, but it can and should also be looked at and treated as the true item it is. It is an investment. And we should pay attention to its value, its appreciation, its RATE OF RETURN.

How do you walk that fine line between your home being where you live and also being the largest Asset in your portfolio? That’s where we can help. That’s where we are different. That’s why you should reach out to us. There are literally hundreds of places you can get a mortgage. But this is so much more than that. Call us or come on by. We’re here. We’re local. We’re ready to help. After all, you do have a choice.