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Mortgage Choice Inc. offers a wide range of mortgage options, products and programs that we feel provide the essential elements to a full toolkit of good mortgage financing alternatives. We offer many of the programs and features that can be found in the mortgage services arena. Here are the most popular of these programs and a brief description…

Conforming Loans

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Government Loans

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Non-Conforming Loans

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We partner with only the highest quality investors. And we purposefully choose Partners that are a mixture of Local, Regional, and National based Investor partners. That way no matter what is happening here locally or regionally in the US, we will have a lender partner that has an expertise in the particular mortgage options you seek. We have found that having investors that embrace our business model of educated, client specific financial consulting and focusing on the individual needs of our clients is in the best interest of all parties. So we strive to follow one simple precept… Do what is the best for the client and everything else will fall into place. All mortgage professionals do not have the same level of experience, the same program options and the same breadth of resources as Mortgage Choice Inc. If you don’t mind working with a young, new, and “still learning” mortgage officer who may have a fancy office in that Bank “Taj Mahal”, go for it. If you want 25+ years of experience from Senior Loan officers who have lived RIGHT HERE in this community for 15, 20, or even 30 years. Mortgage Choice is the place for you.

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