Mortgage Application Checklist

Applying for a mortgage can feel overwhelming. What paper work do you need? When do you need it? What is the first step? Are you forgetting anything? All these questions, along with the enormity of purchasing a house, can create anxiety and stress to what should be an exciting process.  Below you will find our convenient mortgage checklist to help you know what you need to have in hand in order to get started on your mortgage and to be that much close to owning your home.

Proof of Income

One FULL month’s paystubs. This may be one check stub, or it may be four, depending on how often you get paid. IF you are self-employed, ask us what you need. It will depend upon how your business is set up: sole proprietor, S Corp, C corp, LLC/LLP. No matter what it is, we’ll need a two year history documenting this style of income. (there may be exceptions- don’t assume you can not buy if your income doesn’t fit neatly here.

Proof of Down Payment

Two months ASSET accounts. This is where the underwriters will look to see your down payment funds. And remember, don’t move money between accounts before we discuss it.


Driver’s licenses are the most popular, but passports will some times work. It MUST BE a government issued, picture ID.

Tax Returns

Previous TWO years w-2’s, or if self-employed, FULLY executed tax returns with every schedule and addendum included. S Corps/C Corps/LLC’s will need to submit their personal and corporate returns with all schedules.

Purchase Cost

The purchase agreement on the particular property.

Other Costs

Information about your choices for ancillary services such as your home insurance provider and your closing attorney.

Print out this mortgage checklist or bookmark this page to reference throughout the home buying process.

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